ShawWing™ Testimonial

Here’s a great reason to get your own ShawWing™
and unleash the potential of your boat!

Dear Kevin

Thanks for calling last Monday and talking with me about the ShawWing Cavitation plate. I received it Thursday morning and was able to install it by the afternoon. I hooked the boat up Saturday morning and hauled her to the Port Sulphur area to give it a try. I was a little on the skeptical side at first, but it didn’t take long to change that. What an unbelievable difference it made. I use this boat to scout for redfish tournaments so I took my partner along for the ride. I think he was just as excited as I was.

First, the “porpoiseing” issue I was experiencing from the weight of the new motor is gone.

Second, is the “hole” shot. As far as speed to plane, my boat was extremely quick to plane already and the ShawWing was still able to improve on that. Where the big difference is, is in the depth in which I can launch now. What use to take about 10″ now takes 7″ or 8″ maybe less, and when you are idling around trying to find the water to plane out of a pond, looking for those extra few inches can take what seems like forever.

Third, is the handling, this is the most noticeable. Running online pokies machines these little “ditches” can be a lot like a slalom course and my boat “was” prone to skidding, which we don’t want to happen. Yesterday, I was running them and making break neck turns. I have been driving this boat for about 6 years and felt I had to relearn how to drive my own boat. I was anticipating skidding around turns and getting hard bites. This was….. Awesome!

Fourth and most surprising…Top End!!!, I thought for sure I was going to lose a couple of mile per hour, which didn’t bother me as my boat is not at all built for speed. To my surprise, I gained a little top end. I was running 36-37 prior to installing the ShawWing, and after installation, I am now running 38-39. I feel as though my motor can be raised even higher (it’s in the top notch now) so after I install a jack plate and get a new prop, I might even see the 40mph mark.

Fifth You have given me much more than just a cavitation plate; you have given me the full potential of my boat, thanks. It is a shame that more people around here don’t use these things; they are missing out on what their boat can really do.

Thanks a bunch,

Chris K

P.S. I forgot to mention my plane speed is down to about 12 mph now, which will help in my future scouting adventures and reduce fuel consumption.