Stiffy Push Poles

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Stiffy Hand Tool™

"Its simple...we save fingers, hands & arms,
by avoiding pinch points & crush points" (SM)

Our only goal is to manufacture a line of safe hand tool to provide HSE Managers, Rigging and Slinging Trainers real solutions to create safer working conditions. The Stiffy Hand Tool is crucial to implementation of Hands Free and Hands Off Policies.
When used effectively and as designed, the Stiffy Hand Safety Tool™ provides a buffer zone of safety where personnel can guide, maneuver and spot suspended loads while avoiding pinch points and crush points. The Stiffy Hand Safety Tool™ gives operators a way to mitigate risk by equipping and training workers to not place themselves in danger by working in an unsafe proximity to hazardous suspended loads.

Don't buy a conterfeit safe hand tool,
get the original and only APPROVED STIFFY HAND SAFETY TOOL™

Proudly handmade in America


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