Stiffy Push Poles

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Today's more stable canoes and kayaks allow the angler to stand up, increasing visibility and fishability. Industry experts agree a push pole is the preferred method for maneuvering and silently controlling your lightweight watercraft. The STIFFY Kayak/Canoe pole is a 1.25" high visibility white fiberglass shaft, with gel coat impregnated throughout to add long term UV stability, thus preventing powdering or splintering. Super high strength nylon spike, and foot come standard. The ends of the STIFFY Canoe/Kayak pole are sleeved with a 6" piece of STIFFY Graphite to give it unequalled strength where you need it. The STIFFY Kayak/Canoe pole is available in lengths of 5', 8', 10', 12', and 14'. STIFFY Kayak/Canoe Poles float and offer a limited one-year warranty.
5' Kayak / Canoe Fiberglass Pole 5 feet

8' Kayak / Canoe Fiberglass Pole 8 feet

10' Kayak / Canoe Fiberglass Pole 10 feet

12' Kayak / Canoe Fiberglass Pole 12 feet

14' Kayak / Canoe Fiberglass Pole 14 feet

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