Stiffy Push Poles

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The STIFFY fiberglass pole produced by FiberTex is almost indestructible. The ends are glass filled nylon with a point at one end for staking the boat out or poling across hard bottom or shell. The other end is a Y shape with a mud bar that gives a good footing when poling in mud or any other soft bottom. The STIFFY floats so if it falls into the water you can retrieve it. If you want a push pole that will last longer than your boat, give the STIFFY Fiberglass pole a try.
Fiberglass 2-Piece 10' Push Pole

Fiberglass 2-Piece 12' Push Pole

Fiberglass 2-Piece 14' Push Pole

Fiberglass 3-Piece 14' Push Pole

Fiberglass 3-Piece 15' Push Pole

Fiberglass 3-Piece 18' Push Pole

Fiberglass 3 Piece 21' Push Pole

Fiberglass 4-Piece 20' Push Pole

Fiberglass 4-Piece 24' Push Pole

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