Stiffy Push Poles

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The SHT 2 is our most popular Hand Tool. Each SHT 2 is enhanced with a Carbon Fiber sleeve on the neck where the tooling head is mounted. This increases the tools strength significantly.
If someone breaks a Stiffy Hand Tool using it properly, that usually means a potential injury was prevented.
That’s why we say, Stiffy Tools-Safe Hands-Save Hands
The SHT 2 is available in 42-50-72” lengths.
Ratings: Load testing: Static Pull = 400 lbs. / Compression = 600 lbs., Our tools are not lifting / load bearing tools, SWL cert not required. Major components tested to ASTM standards, Seeking NOPSA (AU) Review, Country of origin: USA
42" Hand Tool

50" Hand Tool

72" Hand Tool (No D Handle)

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