Stiffy Push Poles

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Price: $120.00

The original Tibor™ Stiffy Push Pole Caddy is designed to make wrangling your Stiffy Push Pole easy and worry-free. The Stiffy Push Pole Caddy installs easily on top of your poling platform or use the popular side mount. The heavy duty Stiffy Push Pole Caddy offers one-handed snap in or out operation and has 360° and lateral movement.

Available sizes: Standard, G Loomis, Stiffy Kayak-Canoe and Extreme Pushpole's.

Please note: The Stiffy Push Pole Caddy is not designed to hold the boat to the bottom. It is designed only to hold the push pole while drifting.

Tibor™ Stiffy Push Pole Caddy


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