Stiffy Push Poles

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Running and getting up shallow is a breeze with a ShawWing™ Cavitation Plate. ShawWing™ Cavitation plates mount on your outboard motor without drilling holes in your lower unit! Better fuel efficiency, less wear and tear on the engine and the ability to trim your motor higher are just some of the performance improvements you will notice with a ShawWing. You will jump up out of the hole and on plane faster and run in less water than ever before. ShawWing™ Cavitation plate's unique design channels water around your prop while limiting air cavitation. This means your prop spends more time moving water instead of drawing in air. ShawWing™ Cavitation plates are hand laid quarter-inch thick fiberglass construction and are available installed or by themselves for the do-it-yourselfer.

Sizing: the Large ShawWing™ is for boats with flat transoms, or boats with transoms with sponson's more than 36" apart. The Medium and Small ShawWing™ is for boats with inset transoms with less than 36" between sponson's.

The ShawWing™ is available in White, Black and Gray. For boat/motor matching colors, please call.


Return Policy:
75% restocking fee if we custom notch your ShawWing™ to fit your specific motor.  
Sorry, but no return available when your ShawWing™ is color matched to your boat/motor.

What is cavitation? The process of cavitation occurs when water pressure and temperature decrease around your prop causing water to boil. When the bubbles from this boiling burst they cause prop pitting and power robbiing turbulance to effect your performance. The ShawWing™ was engineered to solve this problem, and it does!.

Installation Hardware Not Included


ShawWing™ Cavitation Plates


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