Stiffy Push Poles

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Choosing a Stiffy Push Pole™
Once you have decided to purchase a push pole the next order of business is to consider what length of pole best suits your needs.

Where will you be poling from, the deck or from a tower?

If you are poling from a tower then we recommend a minimum length of 18 foot up to a 21 foot pole. If you are poling from the deck then a 12 foot or a 14 foot pole will be long enough.

Depth & Bottom Conditions
How deep is the water you will be poling in?

Consider the bottom conditions carefully because a pole will sink further in Louisiana mud than in Florida coral. A softer bottom will require a little longer pole.

Consider how much time you plan to spend poling.

You will want a lighter and longer pole if you are planning on doing a lot of poling. Shorter poles are fine for casual use (staking out, drift control, or poling for short periods of time), but they are impractical for hours of poling.

More length lets you "Walk the pole", (hand over hand), a few times before picking the pole up and repositioning it. This means less noise as well as less work for you.

Remember, store the pole's foot toward the bow (front) and spike toward the stern (back), this way if the pole happens to slip back during travel, the foot will catch on the bow mounting bracket.

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